Dementure To Overtake Heart Disease by 2023!

Dementure Out Of Control

Yesterday, the press was full of stories about Alzheimers. Dementia is expected to quadruple by 2050. We should all be concerned about this. Authorities suggest diet and exercise as a way to slow down progression of this disease, but there is a more sinister cause. Heavy Metals such as Mercury, Aluminium and Cadmium are known to accelerate or perhaps cause this disease making it imperitive that we remove these dangerous substances before it is too late.

I have witnessed people deteriorating with this disease and I can tell you, it is something you don’t want your children to go through. They would watch you forget them, what you just said and have many gut wrenching years caring for someone who is not even really there. I remember a friend’s mum asking me where I live and then asking me the same question every 5 minutes for the next hour. Soon after she was rushed off to hospital and returned with stories about an ambulance, not knowing where she had been.

There Is A Solution

With Activated Liquid Zeolite, you can remove these dangerous heavy metals safely and effectively with research showing excretion increasing up to 25 fold while taking 30 drops a day. We can do something to prevent this situation for our loved ones, and ourselves.

With such a simple solution to the heavy metal problem it is amazing that everyone isn’t making sure they keep these deadly toxins under control. The rest of this article presents the evidence to prove my point. It will leave you in no doubt that removing heavy metals from your body will help stop you getting this disease.

Research Scientists Points At Aluminium

I was in Hong Kong in 1985 and met a Scientist who had just completed a shocking report linking Aluminium consumption to Alzheimers. The researcher told me that if this became public, it would cause panic. It never saw the light of day.

Here is one news report from the “San Diego Fountain of Youth Examiner”

“Aluminum, excessive alcohol, recreational drugs, certain medications and neurotoxins such as artificial sweeteners have been shown to damage brain cells. Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s Disease for many years and is found in high levels in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. Aluminum is found in everyday products such as antacids, processed food, deodorant, beauty products, cooking pans, drinking water, and non-dairy creamers.”

Mercury is another villain implicated in the increase in dementure.

“The primary cause of Alzheimer’s is “iatrogenic” disease caused by chronic low level mercurial poisoning from amalgam dental fillings.”—Tom Warren”

Another report links Cadmium, yet another heavy metal as being a cause of Alzheimers.

“The symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are very similar to the effects of aluminium toxicity. In the 1980, aluminium poisoning from cooking utensils was thought to be a major cause (The Lancet, 26.11.1983). More recently, AT has been linked to mercury poisoning from dental fillings, smoking, Down’s Syndrome, Thyroid disease and some auto-immune disorders.”

As you can see, there is plenty of evidence that Dementure and Alzheimers can be caused by heavy metals, so it make sense to get them out of your system as quickly as you can.

Here is the recent report in Australia

SYDNEY — Dementia rates in Australia will increase four-fold as the population ages, affecting more than one million people by 2050, with “dire consequences” for the health system, a report warned Tuesday.

“The rising prevalence of dementia will have dire consequences for our health care system and our quality of life,” it said.

“The baby boomer bulge in Australia’s demographic profile means that the coming decade will see an acceleration of the impacts of ageing on dementia prevalence greater than previously seen in Australia’s history,” it added.

The number of people with dementia was predicted to rise to 1.13 million by 2050 from 245,400 in 2009.

Dementia was already the leading single cause of disability in Australians and by 2023 would cost the health system more than heart disease.

What Are You Going To Do?

The evidence is clear. The only product that safely removes heavy metals from the cells is Activated Liquid Zeolite. The micronisation process allows particles to remove toxins at the cellular level. Our health depends on healthy cells. Once each individual cell is freed from energy sapping toxins, it can absorb nutrients and function correctly, giving us vital health. There are other products that remove heavy metals from the cells, but they are dangerous, robbing the body of vitamins and minerals and damaging the liver and kidneys. Activated Liquid Zeolite has been shown to be free of these challenges, making it the best way ever to insure yourself against dementure, Alzheimers and many other degenerative diseases.

Contact the author, John Gaydon to learn more about Activated Liquid Zeolite and how to obtain a supply, or go to and fill in the form for extensive information on Activated Liquid Zeolite that will give you the evidence you require.

Remember, your journey to dementure starts now. It can take 20, 30 or even more years for us to deteriorate to the point where we start losing our minds. You can arrest this process before it affects you!

John Gaydon has been researching Natural Health for over 25 years. Recently he came across a revolutionary new detox product which removes heavy metals and other toxins safely. John can be contacted at or visit his web site at

Are Vaccines Really Harmful?

I don’t know about you, but around here there is a raging debate about vaccinations and their effects, both positive and negative.

Last week we had our dog vaccinated for boarding and the vet mentioned at his age (9) she would expect him to be getting Arthritis and it got me thinking. Could it be the vaccines that give many dogs this disease at a reasonably early age, or maybe the dog food?

Now to some this may seem a little extreme, but I think I need to be open to all possibilities.

I know this is going to horrify some of you, but under extreme family pressure, I submitted to having my daughter vaccinated. I still don’t feel 100% happy about this, but I gave her Activated Liquid Zeolite to counter the toxic effects and she seems fine. I know that taking Activated Liquid Zeolite will remove the Mercury and many other toxins, which gives her a much better chance than most kids.

In recent times, Thimerisol has been removed from vaccines. Unfortunately they now use Aluminium in the preservative. This is known to cause Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

We know that for some kids, taking Activated Liquid Zeolite has made a huge positive difference to their health. Here is one story that was sent to me by someone I recommended to take this product.

“Hi John, my grand daughter has autism, I have been treating her with herbs for long time, she did improve but slowly. When I gave her Activated Liquid Zeolite she improved more and now she plays with other children, especially with her brother and sister. She talks, but only when she wants to like a cockatoo and repeats what every one else says. She is 7 years old, starting school for special needs, I am hoping for her to improve more and be a normal child. The doctors say it is genetic but I don’t believe it because we don’t have anyone else in my family or my daughter in law’s family who is autistic.



Note: Fathieh’s granddaughter has been using Activated Liquid Zeolite for 6 months now and is still showing signs of improvement.

Recently there was yet another current affairs show on vaccinations. As usual they had the Doctors saying their studies proved they were safer than not having them, and scare mongering about breakouts of plague proportions if kids were not vaccinated. Then there was the short clip on St George Rugby League coach Wayne Bennett whose son developed a severe disability following a vaccination.

As with all things Heavy metals, everyone has a different tolerance for them. Some can easily handle them while others are very sensitive. For most of us Activated liquid Zeolite quickly removes the toxins, while those very sensitive individuals have to take it slowly for a while.

Here are a few articles on the subject of vaccinations. These come from credible sources. Please read my summary note at the end.

Vaccinated boys 11-17  more than twice as likely to have autism and other neurological conditions as their never-vaccinated counterparts ,   WASHINGTON (UPI) — A new, privately funded survey finds vaccinated U.S. children have a significantly higher risk of neurological disorders — including autism – than unvaccinated children.

SurveyUSA,  2008 ,

CDC Head admits that vaccines can cause autism

 Survey: Children of most pregnant women who got flu shot are unhealthy

 Gov’t: Girl’s Autism-Like Symptoms Linked to Vaccines

 Flu Shot Nightmare: Our Journey with Matthew , 2008

 Cystic Fibrosis, Autism and Flu Vaccine , 2008

Study: Mercury In Vaccines May Have Risky Effects On Some Children

 Some Vaccines Still Contain Mercury

Yes there is evidence, and this discussion will always be emotive. While I am not sure we will ever be able to decide whether vaccines cause more harm than good, we can get the toxins out of the system with Activated Liquid Zeolite and minimise any possible damage – just in case all this is true!

I certainly want my daughter to have the best chance possible of a happy, healthy life.

John Gaydon

John Gaydon has been researching Natural Health for over 25 years. Recently he came across a revolutionary new detox product which removes heavy metals and other toxins safely. John can be contacted at or visit his web site at Simply click on “Activated Liquid Zeolite” link.