Swine Flu Vaccine – Is It Necessary?

By John Gaydon

It’s In The News

I just saw on the news that the Australian government has purchased 21 million doses of the brand new swine flu vaccine. No, there are no double blind studies, no long term studies, nothing to support its safety except one short term study. While this would be enough to make reasonable men and women question receiving this new medication, the facts make it even more insane! Nicola Roxon should be held to account for this.

Are Vaccines Safe?

Earlier this week, a 14 year old girl died in England after being given the Cervical Cancer vaccine. CBS news quotes

“Parents, schools and doctors across the United Kingdom were on alert Tuesday after a 14-year-old English girl died from what appears to have been an extremely rare, severe reaction to the now-common cervical cancer vaccine.”

“The MHRA, Britain’s pharmaceutical watchdog agency, reports a total of 2,137 cases of adverse reactions to Cervarix out of 1.4m doses given in a study released on Sept. 24, 2009”.

Australian Health Statistics

I did some research and so far there have been 172 deaths in Australia related to the Swine Flu. This is against the normal deaths from influenza of 2,623 in 2007 (Australian Bureau of Statistics). I may be a bit crazy, but how do you justify immunizing the whole population with an untried vaccine when it is taking a very minimal toll on the population anyway.

Let’s see… The Cervical Cancer vaccine gives 2,137 bad reactions directly tied to the vaccine out of 1.4 million. That would mean about 30,000 cases of severe adverse reactions to the Swine Flu vaccine if it produced the same statistics. How many deaths – who knows?

There is a real problem here. If you die immediately after a vaccine is administered, or have a severe reaction in an hour or so, it may be seen as related to the vaccine. If something happens to your health a few days later, no one will be looking at the cause, only the treatment because that is the way of medicine. Because of this, it is unlikely that any statistic connecting the dots between the vaccine and the adverse reaction will be noted.

OK, there is some risk involved with Influenza. Some people do die, and others get really ill. The question is, is vaccination the answer, or is there another possibility?

There Is Another Way To Guard Against Swine Flu

For over 30 years I haven’t been near a medical institution, have taken very few medications of any sort and have been in great health. I believe this is not an accident, particularly as in my early years, I had Rheumatic Fever (bedbound for 3 months), bronchitis, Tonsillitis, Amoebic Dysentery, and all the usual childhood diseases. I was fairly ordinary at physical activity too.

My strategy for good health is fairly simple. Detox your body of toxins, add high quality nutrients to your diet, eat as much raw food as possible, and food in as natural a state as you can, get plenty of sunshine, exercise and good filtered water, and keep a positive attitude to life. Pretty simple, and not in the disease model of health. If you would like to know more about my strategies for vibrant health go to http://goodhealthbeginshere.com

I take Activated Liquid Zeolite, A concentrated fruit and vegetable nutrient drink, and an Agaricus Blazei mushroom extract for the immune system. I am really happy with this combination as my basic system for staying health. I do add other things, but this is the core of maintaining good health.

It’s Your Choice!

So, what is better? Building your body’s natural immunity with healthy lifestyle choices, or hoping a risky vaccine will somehow do artificially what your body can do on its own with the right support?

Who really is mad, me or Nicola Roxon!

John Gaydon has been researching Natural Health for over 30 years. Recently he came across a revolutionary new detox product which removes heavy metals and other toxins safely. John can be contacted at john@detoxzeolite.com or visit his web site at http://goodhealthbeginshere.com