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Another Great Information Packed Call On Toxins, Zeolite And Megadefense

Last night I again interviewed Rik Deitsch, Biochemist, who went into some detail on the toxins that affect us these days, where they come from, and why it is so important we minimise the damage they cause. This information is so important, and everyone should be aware of what is going on in the world [...]


NCD Activated Liquid Zeolite – Your Questions Answered

While I have known for a long time that Natural Cellular Defense is the most effective and proven Zeolite product available, there have been quite a few people making some pretty stupid criticisms about this product, and making outlandish claims for other Zeolite products. This is unfortunate as all Zeolite does have some effect, and [...]


Megadefense Combines The Power Of Zeolite And Agaricus Mushrooms

As many readers will know, I have been using Activated Liquid Zeolite for over 6 years now. Along the way there have been many changes and enhancements to the product, with the philosophy of continual improvement to keep this product at the head of the pack of Zeolite offerings. A few years ago, I learned [...]

Zeolite and Health


I Am Sick Of It

As someone who really cares about our future and ways we can combat our environment, I sometimes despair at all of the slick marketing messages designed to sell this or that product. Just about every supplement is supposed to make you lose weight and cure anything the medical system can’t. That’s why cancer is targeted. [...]


Herpes and the Antiviral Properties Of Liquid Zeolite

We all know that Zeolite is one of the safest and most effective methods of ridding heavy metals from the body, but are there other beneficial effects of this amazing mineral? The original Activated Liquid Zeolite has been copied and mimicked over the years, with unfortunate results. Those using inferior imitations often do not see [...]


Why I Still Use Natural Cellular Defense After 7 Years

Yes, it is hard to believe, but this week marks 7 years since I first started using Natural Cellular Defense. Of course, before I started using the product, I did my homework and was convinced it would be good for my health. A friend had ultrasound reports showing a tumour shrinking after just 6 weeks [...]

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My Activated Liquid Zeolite Story

It was June 2006 when I first started taking Activated Liquid Zeolite. At the time I thought I was already on the world’s best supplements, and expected little. Just to satisfy my curiosity, I had a hair analysis done so I could compare toxin levels before and after, and then started on 30 drops a [...]

How A Whole Family Benefitted From The Original Activated Liquid Zeolite

This was in response to an email testimonial I sent to Sue recently. I know Sue personally, and have talked with her many times. She is not involved with the Zeolite business. Hi John, I read this story with great interest because it is very similar to our story, except that ours has an even [...]

Our Toxic World

Evidence is mounting that we live in a Toxic World. Environmental toxins in the form of heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides, and many other sources are robbing us of health and vitality. Governments do nothing and there is no requirement for labeling of toxins in food. John Gaydon presents a 30 minute discussion on this [...]